Writing is a cruel exercise.  It can torment you: as it has me.  It can lead you to temporary breakdowns: as it has me.  The last major bought of writing I had came in the Fall of 2007 through the winter of 2008.  In that time I wrote two Master’s Thesis for two separate institutions (one history and one for library science).  I nearly destroyed several personal relationships, not to mention stringing myself out on caffeine.  In the immediate aftermath I felt a weight lifted from me that I cannot properly explain here. I had clearly accomplished something, but also burned myself out.

Afterwards I embarked on a PhD program.  While it sounded like a good idea at the time, it was not.  In fact it was a terrible idea.  I wanted to pursue my study of information science, but I needed time in the professional world before moving on.  I was hanging on to a life that did not fit at the time.

Now I am sitting on mountains of data that I have collected over the past three years regarding student’s use of the library and it is high time that I start writing….again.  My goal is to write two posts per month.


About Nicholas Wyant

I am the Head of Social Sciences at Indiana University Wells Library. I am responsible for Political Science, Criminal Justice & Social Work. In addition to my subject areas I also study student's interaction with technology. Recently, I have altered my methods from a sociological perspective to an anthropological one.
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