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Words of Wisdom

Among the more useful blogs in my reader is Seth’s Blog.  No matter what you do for a living I can all but guarantee that Seth’s Blog is applicable to you, at least some of the time.  Today he posted … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

As with everyday for the past 4 weeks, I rode my bike today.  Generally, I view my ride to work as a time for reflection and ‘clearing’ of my mind.  A terrible cross-wind distracted me.  As I thought about the … Continue reading

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Google Drive is freaking awesome

I do not work for Google.  I get no money from Google for anything.  That being said Google Drive is freaking awesome.  I started working in Google docs about 4 years ago and did not think much of it.  I … Continue reading

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When I was a freshman at KU in the fall of 1995 I bought an ashtray. I decided that it was a good time to take up smoking.  I used this ashtray for its intended purpose once, promptly cleaned it, … Continue reading

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Posting Stuff

I have a dozen or so posts floating around in my head.  Yesterday I kept thinking, “Oh that would be a great post,” but realized that I might run out of things to write about so I intend on slowly … Continue reading

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Thesis Revision Update

Well it has been 6 months since my article submission.  Needless to say it was rejected.  Granted, it was not one of those, “this really sucks” rejections, but a rejection nonetheless.  I think that my biggest problem is that this … Continue reading

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