Thesis Revision Update

Well it has been 6 months since my article submission.  Needless to say it was rejected.  Granted, it was not one of those, “this really sucks” rejections, but a rejection nonetheless.  I think that my biggest problem is that this article was a continuation of work that I did/started four years ago.  My heart was just not in it and my work suffered for it.  Also, I was preoccupied with the impending birth of my daughter, which contrary to my constant worrying went smoothly (or as smoothly as a birth can go (this is my perspective and not my wife’s)).  I enjoy studying usability but that just is not my world anymore.  My work revolves around instruction and threshold concepts: or to put it plainly I help people to understand how to find things.

I am now working on another article to be finished sometime this summer.  Hopefully this experience will go better.  I am also going to start blogging regularly.  The last blog that I had  was a catalyst for my writing and I hope that this one will do the same.  I hope to stay away from controversial topics or things that might get me fired.


About Nicholas Wyant

I am the Head of Social Sciences at Indiana University Wells Library. I am responsible for Political Science, Criminal Justice & Social Work. In addition to my subject areas I also study student's interaction with technology. Recently, I have altered my methods from a sociological perspective to an anthropological one.
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