Posting Stuff

I have a dozen or so posts floating around in my head.  Yesterday I kept thinking, “Oh that would be a great post,” but realized that I might run out of things to write about so I intend on slowly producing them here.  I also hope to start posting pictures because, let’s face it, the written word can get boring without a little eye candy.

Information.  Each morning I come to work and turn on my computer.  I peruse my blog list and then check anywhere from 4-9 news outlets.  I then hope to start being productive.  The act of writing does not come easy for me, more importantly I do not think that anything worth reading was easy to write (perhaps not but it makes me feel better).  I am attempting a new strategy for writing, post-its.  I have seen pictures of productive people using them to organize ideas and so I thought I would jump on the post-it band wagon.

The act of simply putting post-its on my desk will likely not result in better writing.  Please forgive the quality of the photo, it was taken with my iMac’s built-in camera.

All of these things I try to spark my writing tend to fail miserably.  I write when I want to and not because of post-its on my desk.  Undoubtedly a scene like this would make my co-workers think, “Oh he must be productive today, look at all those notes.”

Also, my friend Kevin Carnahan has his own website, be sure and check it out here.  As you can tell from the picture, Kevin spent time in prison but has since turned his life around.

About Nicholas Wyant

Information does not want to be free. Fake News does not exist. Friends on Facebook are not really friends. I can ruin any party/social setting in mere seconds.
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