Google Drive is freaking awesome

I do not work for Google.  I get no money from Google for anything.  That being said Google Drive is freaking awesome.  I started working in Google docs about 4 years ago and did not think much of it.  I lived in a Microsoft office world.  Lately, I tried switching to Mac’s production suite of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.  All of these programs are great.  They work well and can be formatted and re-formatted to do almost anything you want them to do.  There are, however, limitations.

I work off of several devices and syncing them has always proved difficult.  Perhaps it is not difficult and I am just making it so.  Nonetheless I often found myself with a document that I needed (probably due to ill planning on my part).  All of that is irrelevant in the Google Drive world.  Google Drive (formerly Docs) is Google’s latest attempt to make our lives easier/take over the world.  I will spare you any attempt by myself to show you how cool this is (watch the video) but I will state that this product is wonderful.

Google Drive

One really handy feature is the ability to keep PDF files.  I have hundreds (maybe thousands?) of these on my various computers.  Google Drive allows me to combine all of these into one space and make them always available.

Yes, there are tons of applications that allow you sync and share documents with others, but I think that in Google there is a safe bet that this technology will be available for some time.  You get 5GB free and upgrades start at $2.49/month for 25 GB and go up from there.  I do not need 25 GB.  The 14 PDFs I have moved so far average 1.53 mb in size, which means I could store ~3,267 PDF files in Drive for free.  I will never fill this up.

If you find yourself working with documents, especially if you are on a committee or working in a group, I would highly recommend Google Drive.  I would especially recommend it to graduate students, who might actually accumulate 3,267 PDF files…

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