Monday Morning

As with everyday for the past 4 weeks, I rode my bike today.  Generally, I view my ride to work as a time for reflection and ‘clearing’ of my mind.  A terrible cross-wind distracted me.  As I thought about the crosswind, and how annoying it was, I wondered if it is perhaps due to the ease of which I find myself distracted that prevents me from being as productive as I would like to be.  I really need to work on sentence structure.

I have a relatively clear set of goals for this week; prepare for ALA, write something, and think about evidence based learning.  There.  That is pretty straight forward.

EBL (evidence based learning) started at a med-school but has become the topic du jour of many a librarian.  Essentially, educators act as mentors in this setting allowing students to use their existing knowledge base to uncover the correct answer.  Or something like that.  I am currently trying to figure out a way to incorporate this into the humanities and think that a newspaper-type assignment would work best.  I am still sketchy on the details.

Use of Meta: needs to stop.

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