Google Chromebook

The Google Chromebook is a $250 computer that runs no software, but instead runs off of Google applications, such as Drive.  $250 is a lot of money, but it is a price point that I believe allows a lot of people to have their own computers and thus enable them to do research when and where it is convenient for them: and here I mean research for class and/or work (not to mention entertainment).  I would be curious to know the number of people who use their computers for software applications outside of their jobs?  I’m guessing it is very few.  Additionally, using Google Drive gives you access to everything that Windows/Apple office tools do in the form of Documents/Spread Sheets/Presentations not to mention their other applications such as Forms (great for research) and Drawing (great for the natural sciences and engineering).  There is also a 3G model available for $329, but I am a little unclear on the pricing for coverage.

What Google Means.

Google products are free.  Yes, there are commercials/advertisements but unless you live in the wilderness totally detached from humanity you are bombarded with thousands of advertisements everyday.  Google provides the everyday web-surfer/user great service for free.  That is 5GB of storage on your Drive account.  5GB.  For people who work with words and read PDFs that is tremendous. One would be very hard pressed to fill 5GB of storage (ok maybe Meagan Oakleaf or Ernst Breisach could, but they are outliers).  Students benefit tremendously from using Google products.  Being a student is expensive and hard: Google products ease these difficulties.

I’m writing this post on an Apple product.  I am a huge fan of Apple, but the price point is hard to justify considering the fact that the only software I use (outside of work) is iTunes.  When my (almost) 6 year old Apple Mac Book finally dies I will likely replace it with a Google Chromebook.  While I do not look forward to that day, I really look forward to getting my hands on a Chromebook.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Google nor do they give me any money for writing about their incredible products (although they could if they wanted to).

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