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Assessment of assessment

About three years ago I got interested in ‘clickers.’  The name made me skeptical, it just does not sound right, kind of like ‘one shot’ library classes (a term that needs to go away).  Anyway, here is me and my … Continue reading

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A Word More About Social Media

A friend of a friend was recently disciplined over a relatively harmless, yet not anonymous, tweet. Essentially, they tweeted that it would be nice to go home and have a glass of wine after a long day of teaching.  This person does … Continue reading

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Sitting in front of computers

40 years ago one sat at a table and read.  Later, they might contemplate the ideas and concepts learned through reading.  Maybe they would jot some notes down.  Eventually a paper would be written and re-written and eventually, once the … Continue reading

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Saying it Backwards

A recent post by Seth Godin got me thinking about library advertising   Basically, Godin states you should mention why your product might be too expensive or not right for everyone, and then give reasons why it is worth one’s time. Academic libraries … Continue reading

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