Sitting in front of computers

40 years ago one sat at a table and read.  Later, they might contemplate the ideas and concepts learned through reading.  Maybe they would jot some notes down.  Eventually a paper would be written and re-written and eventually, once the syntax was just right, they would type up a finished document.

This is not an attempt to start a “back in the old days, research was different” kind of conversation, but more about curiosity of how the intellectual process takes shape.  How are computes changing the way we do research?  The way we learn?  What about iPads?  We check them out in our library but it is not too clear exactly what they are being used for, or at least it isn’t clear to me.  Guess I better get started on an IRB application.

Yesterday, a student in the library sat at the same computer for at least 7 hours.  Looking at the screen to see what they were doing would have been an invasion of privacy, but it was tempting.  7 hours at a computer is a bit much.


But what am I doing right now?  Sitting at a computer listening to this and drinking coffee.  I am taking a break from ALA committee what-not that really needs my attention far more than my blog.

Also, Andy Kaufman was freaking awesome.


About Nicholas Wyant

I am the Head of Social Sciences at Indiana University Wells Library. I am responsible for Political Science, Criminal Justice & Social Work. In addition to my subject areas I also study student's interaction with technology. Recently, I have altered my methods from a sociological perspective to an anthropological one.
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