Google Glass

Google GlassI am in Chicago this week, attending the annual ALA meeting.  At an event hosted by a vendor I noticed someone wearing what appeared to be, and actually was, Google Glass.  Sure enough, Heather Ruland Staines of SIPX was the lucky owner of a Google Glass and indulged me with a test-drive/wear. If you are not aware of Google Glass let me provide a brief summary here: this is the first step towards our assimilation, everyone’s biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to the collective.

I missed the talk by Jaron Lanier, and was hoping to ask him a question about Google Glass.  As I am sure he is a follower of my blog I expect a comment below in the coming days.

Why do we need this?  I am in the middle of Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff, and Google Glass seems to shift our distractedness into overdrive, or perhaps some sort of FTL. Yes, it was kind of cool to have Google right there and perform searches based on what I viewed, but other than a gimmick what purpose does this serve? In my humble opinion, Google does incredible things and I think that the future of libraries will depend on a greater collaboration with Google.  The more I thought about this the more possibilities I considered with using Google Glass as a scholarly research tool.  So naturally I went to Google and requested to be considered for a pair.

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