Smart Boards

The important part of the above clip appears around the 40 second mark.  Go ahead, watch.

Our library got a new Smart Board this summer.  Technology, merely for the sake of adding more technology, is an exercise in futility and frustration for all those involved.  Smart boards allow users to interact with the media present on the screen.  Now, there is a clear benefit of this technology if one uses the available software to create lesson plans that allow students to interact with the media.  However, this technology has a key flaw in that it is centered around the idea that students are ‘digital natives’ a term that is wrong/terrible/misleading.

Smart Board

Looking over the notes I took yesterday during the reps Smart Board presentation was the following, “great opportunity for assessment.”  Well, maybe.  These boards are probably great in primary and secondary educational settings, however, higher education focuses much more on the cerebral than the physical.  Perhaps that is wrong, it might be a great learning opportunity to bring legos to a graduate seminar in Sociology.

One opportunity that is genuinely exciting will be using this technology during the library’s Introduction to Research class, which is a one hour for credit class on how to conduct research.  Hopefully, I will successfully integrate my curriculum using the Smart Notebook software (I will try and chronicle the experience here).

I have a file on my computer right now titled “Smart Board IRB.”

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