iPads where no iPad should ever be

While searching for baby seats for our upcoming baby I found this….



Click here for the product webpage.

Initially I thought this was a joke, but no, it is real. If you take the time to pay attention to other people’s children (which I do not unless my daughter is trying to engage another child of her own age in conversation) you will see children in car-seats, strollers, and just about any other situation with some kind of mobile device a few inches from their face.

I rely on the opinion of experts, mostly. Whenever confronted with a new ‘fact’ I ask for the source, then for the methodology (my wife loves this). The overwhelming opinion of M.D.s (I say M.D. because chiropractors call themselves “Dr”) and PhD.s view the interaction of children under the age of 2 and technology as a bad idea.

The fact that this is an actual product contributes to the public’s ever shrinking understanding of information. Stay with me.

The introduction of technology is for amusement, thus the iPad allows the parent to provide their infant with amusement immediately and probably avoid having to actually interact with a child. I am not the world’s best parent, but when my daughter cries and gets frustrated myself or my wife interact with her (or sometimes just let her figure it out on her own). And yes, she cries sometimes, but that is just part of life. Providing children from the beginning with instant entertainment from birth will only make them crave instant gratification as they will be conditioned to think that things need to happen instantly. This is part of a larger conversation I was having with my friend and colleague Dr. Kevin Carnahan the other day. Essentially, when we get used to getting information instantly, we want all information ‘instantly.’ While this is fine for “where is the best vegetarian restaurant in Bloomington Indiana” it is not applicable when looking for something along the lines of…”Understanding Niebuhr’s views on Just War Theory.” For that you would need to refer to the good Dr. Carnahan as he is the President of the Niebuhr Society.

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