The Apple Watch & Mine Resistant Vehicles

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch. Why does the world need this? iPhones are wonderful devices (actually they are terrible in so many ways, but in terms of technology they are fantastic) and are capable of so much for mobile computing and communicating. On my walk to Woodburn Hall from the Wells Library, I counted 73 students looking at some sort of hand held device (and it was not even during a class change). Would it be easier to just stare at your left hand? Probably not. This is not to mention the fact that Apple offended lefties everywhere by only having a right hand option.

From the Apple website,


More Immediate? How much faster can people possibly connect? At what point will things be fast enough?

Heartbeat. This watch will keep track of the users heartbeat and have the ability to let you send your heartbeat to your partner. For 16 year olds that is great, but I am guessing anyone older would find this creepy/sappy.

What the Apple Watch and Google Glass means on a larger scale is that society will become even more stratified. The technology requirements to have and use these devices requires money and knowledge that not everyone has easy access to. If these kinds of technologies become popular beyond the super-nerd crowd then there will only be infinitely more barriers to success for those less fortunate.

Police departments across the United States are getting Mine Resistant vehicles from the Pentagon for free. While there are probably some police units that need these, there are plenty that do not (Johnson County, Iowa comes to mind). The same can be said for wearable technology. Yes, Apple, Google, and Samsung can make it, but why?

For Now, I will keep this on my arm. That is unless Apple gives me a watch…photo



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