Confederate Battle Flag is a Proxy for Gun Restriction


The push to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the South Carolina State Grounds has much less to do with racism than it does with the country’s desire to have action taken with regard to gun rights. The NRA is likely breathing a huge sigh of relief, seeing that the latest mass shooting of people in the United States focused around a flag and not the real issue, which in my opinion is the ridiculous access to firearms in this country.

To be clear. The Confederates were traitors and deserved to be treated as traitors. There should be no monument to the ‘heroes’ of the Confederacy. That is unless we also want to have statues of Americans that also joined ISIS, fighting for what they undeniably think is a just cause. Instead, it would be a good idea to have giant statues of General Sherman on every state house grounds in the South (and I am not kidding).

Firearms in this country appear to have gone through the same transformation as fast food: 20 years ago there was the a regular pepperoni pizza, today, we have pizza with hot dogs in the crust. The simple (yet still deadly) .22 caliber rifle has given way to something from a terminator movie, the Bushmaster.

The Confederate Battle Flag should never have flown after the confederate traitors surrendered. That being said, the uproar over the flag is about ‘gun rights’ for everyday ‘mericans. The NRA holds elected officials hostage when it comes to protecting ‘gun rights.’ Anyone who even breathes a tiny sentiment of wanting to put limits on guns is compared to Hitler.



After the Sandy Hook shooting, which took the lives of 20 children ages 5 and 6, nothing was done. In response, the NRA wanted more guns because, “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” -Wayne LaPierre. No one seems to have the political power to stop the NRA. If 20 children can be massacred, and no one is compelled to action, then there is likely nothing that can be done.

Many ‘mericans are eager to point out the 2nd Amendment. If asked, most of them would have a hard time properly quoting it, much less anything from the other 26 or the 7 articles of the Constitution itself. Yes, this is an elitist way to approach the argument, but when the United States has a statistically disproportional number of people killed by guns then perhaps it is time to be a bit more elitist.

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