Two Weeks Without Facebook (pretty much)

Two weeks ago I logged out of Facebook. There were a number of reasons that influenced this decision. First, Facebook wastes time, a resource that is increasingly in scare supply. Second, the impending presidential election.

I spend a considerable amount of time finding information for people: factual information, verified and substantiated. The Rolls Royce of information, if you will. The current presidential election is full of false information. The idea of verifying information is being completely ignored, or treated as entirely unnecessary because someone else is “such a liar.” I find this unbearable and frustrating to no end. Facebook allows people to blindly “post” information about how candidate X wants to take away your guns. This is despite the fact that to take away the rights granted by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution would be next to impossible. Anyway.

The reason I have a job is because people need factual information. The role of librarians is not to simply collect books, but to curate a collection of information so that others can find what they need. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, librarians teach people how to evaluate and find information on their own. If this election is any indicator then librarians are either not doing their job or people do not care about the job librarians do.



About Nicholas Wyant

Information does not want to be free. Fake News does not exist. Friends on Facebook are not really friends. I can ruin any party/social setting in mere seconds.
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