Technology Changed the Political Landscape

One of the biggest motivators for Tuesday’s election was (directly or indirectly) jobs. There are a lot of formerly middle class white workers that no longer have the high-paying jobs they once had. These jobs are gone, not because of politics, but because of technology.

Technology will be the single largest killer of jobs in the country over the next two decades. Even if steel plants came back to the U.S. they would employ only a fraction of the workers once needed as most of the work is now automated.

Trucking will be completely automated in 10-15 years. As of October 2016 there are 1.4 million people employed in the trucking industry earning an average of $22/hour ( Yes, full automation will require a lot of tech workers, but the 1.4 million people driving trucks right now will likely not have the skill set to go into the technical aspect of automated driving.

No one is paying attention to this, and nothing is being done to prepare 1.4 million people who will suffer a dramatic change in their economic wellbeing.


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