Cell Phones & Health Care

Justin Chaffetz stated that people might need to choose between getting the new iPhone and paying for health care.

Former President Obama said much the same thing, albeit more eloquently.

Both of them are wrong.

Cell phones and Internet access were luxury entertainment items in 2000, but not any more. Having a cell phone is crucial to being able to operate in modern society. While it is possible to use a more basic cell phone, having a smart phone allows people access to services that are increasingly available only through the Internet.

You Do Not Need the Latest & Greatest.

This is simply wrong. Cell phones have a lifespan, a short one at that. Apple admits that iPhones are only expect to last three years. Personally, I find this laughable. Memory size is key to having a phone that will last those three years, as developers of these devices seem determined to create huge mandatory software updates that slowly eat away at any free storage space. This is not to mention how fragile the devices are themselves.


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