Perhaps it is time to pay attention, just a little

Over the past few days I have checked the NRA’s website to see what (if anything) they might say about the shooting in Florida. Nothing is the answer. But what really struck me was what is on the NRA website:

This is an advertisement for insurance you can buy in case you ever shoot someone, NRA Carry Guard. This is not a joke. The #1 cheerleader for people’s right to carry guns (apparently everywhere) also happens to sell insurance to help with legal bills/fees in the event you ever need to shoot someone. Please note, they go out of there way that this is only for people who lawfully carry, and discharge their weapons in self-defense.

Think about that. No, just really think about that. Would you have a problem if RJ Reynolds Tobacco also sold Iron Lungs? Or, chemotherapy drugs?

The insurance is provided by Lockton Affinity. Conveniently, this is a privately held company so absolutely no information about their investments is known. The insurance is underwritten by Chubb Insurance, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

Also, and this is just a pure coincidence I am sure, but Chubb Insurance, Sturm Ruger, Orbital ATK (parent group of several ammunition manufacturers) and American Outdoor Brands (Smith & Wesson) all have the same admirers.

Charles Schwab Investment Management owns…..

Chubb 1.5 million shares (6th largest holder)

Sturm Ruger 149,000 shares (3rd largest holder)

American Outdoor Brands 440,000 shares (2nd largest holder)

Orbital ATK Inc 239,000 shares (5th largest holder)

Again, that is purely a coincidence, I’m sure. Oh, don’t look now, but someone just updated something on Facebook….

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Information does not want to be free. Fake News does not exist. Friends on Facebook are not really friends. I can ruin any party/social setting in mere seconds.
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