Facts, Alternative Facts, and Noise

The President is not happy with Google News. Just to be clear, no one should be happy with Google News. Google News, or pretty much any news that aggregates other stories is pretty much useless if you are looking for truth. Whether or not something is true or not is entirely beside the point of Google News.

If people want to be better citizens and find better information then do the following, put down your phone/computer/tablet and pick up an actual paper or magazine. Or start paying for news from sources like The Guardian, The New York Times, The National Review, or your provider of choice. When you only rely on the free content of the Internet, then the only information you get is the free content of the Internet.

Google, and all of its satellite entities such as Google Scholar, Google News, Google Maps work according to [insert blank here]. The truth is that no one outside of Google knows how these algorithms work. The invisible hand of page ranking


About Nicholas Wyant

Information does not want to be free. Fake News does not exist. Friends on Facebook are not really friends. I can ruin any party/social setting in mere seconds.
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