Pandemics and Information Literacy

Chiropractors are NOT doctors. Yes, they often call themselves ‘doctor’ but that does not make it so. The great western philosopher George Carlin once said, you can call yourself a captain, but if you can make that up then I am a Field Marshal (or at least something like that). The point here is that definitions matter.  ‘Chropractic’ is pseudo-scientific. Yes, there is some benefit to seeing a Chiropractor, specifically for those who think they feel better after a treatment. But just because you think you feel better does not make it true. For instance, the found of Chiropractic wrote the following in a letter dated May 4, 1911, “But we must have a religious head, one who is the founder, as did Christ, Mohamed, Jo. Smith, Mrs. Eddy, Martin Luther and other who have founded relations. I am the fountain head.” -So here Palmer is telling us that he is on par with Jesus Christ. Dr. Palmer goes on, “we must incorporate under the man [palmer] who received the principles of chiropractic from the other world”.  And now for something different.

“I need to find the latest information about the Covid-19”. –So let’s go online….

Wrong. The Internet is effectively doing more harm than good. What is the solution? Newspapers. Journalist and the journalism profession are far from perfect. However, real journalists have a set code of ethics. Yes, some journalists break this code, but more often than not journalists/journalism is responsible-that is actual journalists.

When journalism is labeled “fake news” or “phony” it is important to examine who is saying this and to what are they referring. “The pope endorses Donald Trump for President” was an actual headline published in 2016 from a non-reputable source. So you might ask, who is saying this and why? This quote was published by, a ‘news’ source that existed for only a few weeks. In fact, the about section of this website described itself as, “a fantasy news website”. This site, and others like it, make money off of ‘clicks’ which is why such ridiculous stories are present in your social media news feeds (pro tip-DO NOT GET YOUR NEWS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA).

Now more than ever it is important to get relevant/correct information to the public. Posting rumors on Twitter does nothing to benefit society, only to create panic and make people believe that someone is an expert ‘just because.’ While we live in a time that is distrustful of educated people, it might be time to rethink how we treat people who dedicate themselves to learning and teaching. By this, I mean subscribe to your local newspaper and listen to those with actual credentials.


About Nicholas Wyant

Information does not want to be free. Fake News does not exist. Friends on Facebook are not really friends. I can ruin any party/social setting in mere seconds.
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