Practicing my handwriting has become part of my daily attempt to keep insanity at bay during this period of isolation. Try as we all might, it is difficult to avoid shopping from Amazon (the company not the forest). Recently I have started looking for new books for practicing Spencerian writing: I am determined to write my qualifying exams by hand, although I’m sure this will be soundly rejected.

In the search for new study material I came across this.

What? A Kindle version? How, exactly would this work? Also, why in Sam Hell is the electronic version cheaper than the print?

Whenever possible it is best to purchase from smaller companies, such as Goulet Pens, Jet Pens, or Nibs.com. If you are interested in what has been dubbed American Cursive, check out Michael Sull’s website. Mr. Sull is a Master Penman with unbelievable skill, here is a video of him at work.

If you are interested, and have made the poor decision to have kids, try Handwriting Without Tears.

Back to writing.

*Note, no one paid me or asked me to promote their products, nor do I make any money off of this blog.

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