Revolutions and Taxes

Do you want all the money in the world? Or do you want to loose it all?

I am not one to chant ‘eat the rich’. I’d like to be rich some day, but that probably is not in the cards. Nor do I have any animosity for those who are rich. Good for you buddy!

That being said…

Jeff Bezos paid nothing in taxes in 2018. I paid $6000. Believe me, I make far less than Mr. Bezos. I am getting by fine on my salary and fully understand why taxes exist. So why are the rich not paying taxes? To keep them happy? To fend off their political retribution on officials who would dare to raise taxes? Who knows. The only thing that is for certain is that not taxing the rich (at least on the same level as the rest of us) will lead to a very dark place.

Billionaires are billionaires because of the masses and nothing else. Mr. Bezos enjoys his fabulous wealth because he lives in a society that is safe and secure. If we want to continue to have a safe world, many things need to change. People need to have enrichment and not have to worry about the basics of life: education, food, shelter, healthcare, and the like.

The first would be to ensure everyone had access to healthcare. While not popular, a national plan would best solve this issue. Having to choose between healthcare and rent is a choice no one should face.

Secondly, a minimum basic income (thanks Andrew Yang for inventing this! (just kidding, Yang is a great guy but the Honorable Daniel Patrick Moynihan was the first (serious person) to suggest this)). Rather than have complicated programs where people have to jump through multiple hoops of bureaucracy, just start giving people money. Let us say, $1500/month per person living in a household that makes under $50K (just made that number up). There would have to be adjustments for children and what not, but that would be a good start.

Third, education. Start by ensuring teachers are paid well. Then do away with standardized tests and hire more teachers; a maximum of 15 kids/class in K-6 and maximum of 20 in grades 7-12. Finally, do away with large overarching curriculum demands/designs. Let teachers teach! More technology is not the answer to creating better citizens.

I guarantee by following all of these steps that the world will be perfect. Ok, maybe not. But society is placing far too many people in dire circumstances that would be alleviated by these three steps. No one likes to pay taxes, but if we want to continue to escape the state of nature it will be necessary to create better lives for those less fortunate.

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