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Information does not want to be free. Fake News does not exist. Friends on Facebook are not really friends. I can ruin any party/social setting in mere seconds.

And this is part of the problem.

The greatest danger is the spread of unsubstantiated rumors. A ‘blogger’ posted to Twitter last night that a child in Bloomington tested positive for corona virus. This very well may be true, but that is beside the point. As best … Continue reading

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Data Privacy

Imagine if you went out and bought a new car for $30,000. Then, the company that sold you that car got $5 for every mile you drove. That is essentially what is happening with the data you generate using almost … Continue reading

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The beauty, joy, and frustration of fountain pens

I like writing with fountain pens. Back when I sold cars (which I hated) I started carrying/using my grandfather’s Parker 51. This was not an affectation, just something I liked for the elegance. I then started collecting Montblanc Pens, but … Continue reading

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Apple is Picking on Amazon

Currently it is 11:00 pm EST on 3-3-2019. I am pretty sure that on my Apple MacBook Air, while using Safari, typing in the search of ‘amazon’ does not auto complete for the That cannot be a coincidence!

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Facts, Alternative Facts, and Noise

The President is not happy with Google News. Just to be clear, no one should be happy with Google News. Google News, or pretty much any news that aggregates other stories is pretty much useless if you are looking for … Continue reading

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The Economy of Stuff

Not too long ago Wal-Mart drew many comparisons to the Borg. The Borg, for those who might not know, played the part of the new ├╝ber villains on Star Trek The Next Generation. They were unstoppable, “you will be assimilated” … Continue reading

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Social Media!

Social media cannot and will not save or elevate journalism. Twitter might have value to some people, but it is not the place for journalist to communicate anything. Two recent Tweets from journalist (who should damn well know better) illustrate … Continue reading

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Facebook, Deleted

In September 2017 I deleted my Facebook account, or so I thought. Several searches online made me think there were bits and pieces of my account still alive. On March 18th, 2018 I attempted to log back on to Facebook … Continue reading

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Let’s Fix Fake News with an App!

Much of the narrative surrounding the plague of fake news in society is that this is a problem that can be solved by technology. Technological Determinism is a phrase that I use, perhaps, a bit too much. At times, I … Continue reading

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Perhaps it is time to pay attention, just a little

Over the past few days I have checked the NRA’s website to see what (if anything) they might say about the shooting in Florida. Nothing is the answer. But what really struck me was what is on the NRA website: … Continue reading

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