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Information does not want to be free. Fake News does not exist. Friends on Facebook are not really friends. I can ruin any party/social setting in mere seconds.

Finding Information

The most rewarding part of my day is helping people find things. Interaction with students, faculty, and anyone else who needs help gives me the opportunity to my job as a librarian. This might seem silly to some, after all … Continue reading

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Cell Phones & Health Care

Justin Chaffetz stated that people might need to choose between getting the new iPhone and paying for health care. Former President Obama said much the same thing, albeit more eloquently. Both of them are wrong. Cell phones and Internet access … Continue reading

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The Digital Divide

The Digital Divide. Access to Information. Whatever you want to call it, is everywhere. Consider this poster in Starbucks. First off, this is wonderful. Breast feeding is very important for the health of a new baby. The instinct to nurse … Continue reading

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Data + Data + Data = Nothing (probably)

nIn the Nov. 3, 2016 HBR there was a wonderful article titled, “You Don’t Need Big Data — You Need the Right Data.” The normal cheerleader rah-rah stance of the HBR was somewhat dulled; acknowledging that data is not always the answer. … Continue reading

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Fake News

In a few weeks I am going to give a talk about fake news here at IU. More than anything this post is meant as a starting point for that talk. When teaching, I often talk about validity of information. … Continue reading

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Facebook is (mostly) Dead to Me

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I have created at least three Facebook accounts since 2006. My temperament is not one to do things in moderation: check Facebook 30 times a day, or not at all. As professional and personal life becomes more demanding it is increasingly … Continue reading

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Technology Changed the Political Landscape

One of the biggest motivators for Tuesday’s election was (directly or indirectly) jobs. There are a lot of formerly middle class white workers that no longer have the high-paying jobs they once had. These jobs are gone, not because of politics, … Continue reading

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