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Information does not want to be free. Fake News does not exist. Friends on Facebook are not really friends. I can ruin any party/social setting in mere seconds.

The Myth of Internet Access

Do me a favor, go over the Census website and try and use American Fact Finder on your mobile device. Go ahead, I will wait.┬áIf you did try, you discovered that it was next to impossible to use American Fact … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Without Facebook (pretty much)

Two weeks ago I logged out of Facebook. There were a number of reasons that influenced this decision. First, Facebook wastes time, a resource that is increasingly in scare supply. Second, the impending presidential election. I spend a considerable amount … Continue reading

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Making things “easier”

“This will just make things easier.” I am guessing that was the thought that some truly empathetic businessperson had when this decision was made. The problem here is the assumption made by the company; that everyone has a card. Yes, … Continue reading

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How to discuss things civilly on social media

Everything is discussed on social media. How to raise children, which car to buy, gay rights, gun rights, which fountain pen is better, and everything else. Recently, I have stopped being any part of such discussions. The reason is quite … Continue reading

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Confederate Battle Flag is a Proxy for Gun Restriction

The push to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the South Carolina State Grounds has much less to do with racism than it does with the country’s desire to have action taken with regard to gun rights. The NRA is … Continue reading

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The Liberal Arts

I am generally no fan of the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial page; anyone that gives Suzanne Somers a column to comment on Economics has some credibility issues. However, I was pleased to read a column that sums up, quite nicely, … Continue reading

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The Apple Watch & Mine Resistant Vehicles

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch. Why does the world need this? iPhones are wonderful devices (actually they are terrible in so many ways, but in terms of technology they are fantastic) and are capable of so much for … Continue reading

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