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I Should Be Writing Right Now

I hate writing. Actually that is not true, I love to write. However, I begin to severely second guess myself after about 1000 words. By the time I get passed the 5000 word mark I am sure that everything written … Continue reading

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And the new Governor of California is…Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the daughter of Robert Kardashian, an absolutely brilliant defense lawyer. She also has a reality TV show and is a social media influencer. She is famous for becoming famous because of a sex tape. I watched the … Continue reading

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The Internet is a Utility

A week or so after the pandemic started our Internet went out, entirely at first and then back to a fraction of its capacity after a week. Taking part in Zoom meetings was impossible for me, the preferred medium of … Continue reading

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Practicing my handwriting has become part of my daily attempt to keep insanity at bay during this period of isolation. Try as we all might, it is difficult to avoid shopping from Amazon (the company not the forest). Recently I … Continue reading

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I gave up regular cell phone service 6 years ago and have only recently, and reluctantly, began to carry a pre-paid phone.  My hiatus from regular phone use has made me very critical of those that have phones and are … Continue reading

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An Actual Poster from the GPO

I am currently working through the map collection at WSU and came across this yesterday. What was the thinking here?  “Ok, so there will be a cute baby with wings and everyone will smile, but then they will read the … Continue reading

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Sitting in front of computers

40 years ago one sat at a table and read.  Later, they might contemplate the ideas and concepts learned through reading.  Maybe they would jot some notes down.  Eventually a paper would be written and re-written and eventually, once the … Continue reading

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When I was a freshman at KU in the fall of 1995 I bought an ashtray. I decided that it was a good time to take up smoking.  I used this ashtray for its intended purpose once, promptly cleaned it, … Continue reading

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