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I gave up regular cell phone service 6 years ago and have only recently, and reluctantly, began to carry a pre-paid phone.  My hiatus from regular phone use has made me very critical of those that have phones and are … Continue reading

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An Actual Poster from the GPO

I am currently working through the map collection at WSU and came across this yesterday. What was the thinking here?  “Ok, so there will be a cute baby with wings and everyone will smile, but then they will read the … Continue reading

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Sitting in front of computers

40 years ago one sat at a table and read.  Later, they might contemplate the ideas and concepts learned through reading.  Maybe they would jot some notes down.  Eventually a paper would be written and re-written and eventually, once the … Continue reading

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When I was a freshman at KU in the fall of 1995 I bought an ashtray. I decided that it was a good time to take up smoking.  I used this ashtray for its intended purpose once, promptly cleaned it, … Continue reading

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