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And the new Governor of California is…Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the daughter of Robert Kardashian, an absolutely brilliant defense lawyer. She also has a reality TV show and is a social media influencer. She is famous for becoming famous because of a sex tape. I watched the … Continue reading

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Facebook is (mostly) Dead to Me

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I have created at least three Facebook accounts since 2006. My temperament is not one to do things in moderation: check Facebook 30 times a day, or not at all. As professional and personal life becomes more demanding it is increasingly … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Without Facebook (pretty much)

Two weeks ago I logged out of Facebook. There were a number of reasons that influenced this decision. First, Facebook wastes time, a resource that is increasingly in scare supply. Second, the impending presidential election. I spend a considerable amount … Continue reading

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How to discuss things civilly on social media

Everything is discussed on social media. How to raise children, which car to buy, gay rights, gun rights, which fountain pen is better, and everything else. Recently, I have stopped being any part of such discussions. The reason is quite … Continue reading

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A Word More About Social Media

A friend of a friend was recently disciplined over a relatively harmless, yet not anonymous, tweet. Essentially, they tweeted that it would be nice to go home and have a glass of wine after a long day of teaching.  This person does … Continue reading

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Your Digital Identity

Recently, a professor shared the following story.  They are ‘friends’ with one of their graduate students on Facebook.  This professor had a good relationship with the student and felt that they had promise to go on to a doctoral program. … Continue reading

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