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Let’s Keep Working Online!

There are no shortage of headlines and stories in the news (actual news, not Twitter or whatever the current social media of the day is) about how the transition to working online might be permanent. This. Is. A. Bad. Idea. … Continue reading

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This App Will End the Pandemic!

Well maybe. There are number of data scientists working on applications to help track the spread of Covid-19. This is a good idea in theory, however we need to consider a few things. First, everyone does not have a smartphone. … Continue reading

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The beauty, joy, and frustration of fountain pens

I like writing with fountain pens. Back when I sold cars (which I hated) I started carrying/using my grandfather’s Parker 51. This was not an affectation, just something I liked for the elegance. I then started collecting Montblanc Pens, but … Continue reading

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Apple is Picking on Amazon

Currently it is 11:00 pm EST on 3-3-2019. I am pretty sure that on my Apple MacBook Air, while using Safari, typing in the search of ‘amazon’ does not auto complete for the That cannot be a coincidence!

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Facts, Alternative Facts, and Noise

The President is not happy with Google News. Just to be clear, no one should be happy with Google News. Google News, or pretty much any news that aggregates other stories is pretty much useless if you are looking for … Continue reading

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The Economy of Stuff

Not too long ago Wal-Mart drew many comparisons to the Borg. The Borg, for those who might not know, played the part of the new über villains on Star Trek The Next Generation. They were unstoppable, “you will be assimilated” … Continue reading

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Cell Phones & Health Care

Justin Chaffetz stated that people might need to choose between getting the new iPhone and paying for health care. Former President Obama said much the same thing, albeit more eloquently. Both of them are wrong. Cell phones and Internet access … Continue reading

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Data + Data + Data = Nothing (probably)

nIn the Nov. 3, 2016 HBR there was a wonderful article titled, “You Don’t Need Big Data — You Need the Right Data.” The normal cheerleader rah-rah stance of the HBR was somewhat dulled; acknowledging that data is not always the answer. … Continue reading

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Fake News

In a few weeks I am going to give a talk about fake news here at IU. More than anything this post is meant as a starting point for that talk. When teaching, I often talk about validity of information. … Continue reading

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The Myth of Internet Access

Do me a favor, go over the Census website and try and use American Fact Finder on your mobile device. Go ahead, I will wait. If you did try, you discovered that it was next to impossible to use American Fact … Continue reading

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