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Making things “easier”

“This will just make things easier.” I am guessing that was the thought that some truly empathetic businessperson had when this decision was made. The problem here is the assumption made by the company; that everyone has a card. Yes, … Continue reading

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The Apple Watch & Mine Resistant Vehicles

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch. Why does the world need this? iPhones are wonderful devices (actually they are terrible in so many ways, but in terms of technology they are fantastic) and are capable of so much for … Continue reading

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iPads where no iPad should ever be

While searching for baby seats for our upcoming baby I found this….   Click here for the product webpage. Initially I thought this was a joke, but no, it is real. If you take the time to pay attention to … Continue reading

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I gave up regular cell phone service 6 years ago and have only recently, and reluctantly, began to carry a pre-paid phone.  My hiatus from regular phone use has made me very critical of those that have phones and are … Continue reading

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Apple Store Freak Out

So have you seen this? This ‘breakdown’ is endemic of the technology that allows us to see this in the first place.  Constant contact with technology that delivers information increasingly fast creates expectations among us humans.  Some examples. No need … Continue reading

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Smart Boards

The important part of the above clip appears around the 40 second mark.  Go ahead, watch. Our library got a new Smart Board this summer.  Technology, merely for the sake of adding more technology, is an exercise in futility and … Continue reading

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Google Glass

I am in Chicago this week, attending the annual ALA meeting.  At an event hosted by a vendor I noticed someone wearing what appeared to be, and actually was, Google Glass.  Sure enough, Heather Ruland Staines of SIPX was the … Continue reading

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